By volunteering, you can help to spread the message of The Yellow Dog Project, and help dogs around the world receive the space they need. The Yellow Dog Project relies heavily on volunteers, in varying positions, to conduct their not-for-profit mission.

The Yellow Dog Project’s volunteer program has different programs to suit a number of lifestyles and commitment levels. There are many ways for you to help, whether just locally, at special events, or on a more hands on basis. The Yellow Dog Project appreciates your interest and that you’re willing to donate your valuable time.

Recognizing your commitment, The Yellow Dog Project commits to providing you with a a basic orientation, and a forum for questions. The Yellow Dog Project will make every effort to provide a rewarding experience for you while you support The Yellow Dog Project.


Basic Volunteer Requirements:

  1. Volunteers must be at least the age of majority in their country of residence. The Yellow Dog Project recognizes that many individuals are excited to spread the message, however, legally only those who are able to be bound by contract can volunteer with the organization.

  2. Many (but not all) of our volunteer opportunities require a minimum time commitment. This commitment varies based on the program; volunteers are encouraged to give more time than the minimum requirement.

  3. For some programs, the volunteers need to be excellent oral speakers, as they will be presenting to a large audience (conventions, shows, events, etc).

  4. Volunteers must be able to read, follow instructions, and work independently.

  5. For some programs, there is a fee that will be processed, following your successful admittance to the program. This fee allows The Yellow Dog Project to provide you with materials specific to your program.

If you have any special skill sets or circumstances which would be beneficial to The Yellow Dog Project , please contact our temporary Volunteer Coordinator, Tara Palardy, at info@theyellowdogproject.com


The first step to becoming a volunteer is to determine the commitment level.


Before applying, please read:

Policy Manual

Now you may read and sign:

Application Form

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Before applying, please read:

Policy Manual

Now you may read and sign:

Application Form

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